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The Successful Writing Curriculum
by Eric B. Olsen

Are you a beginning teacher who is looking for a straight-forward, no frills way to successfully teach writing in your classroom? Well, look no further. Are you an experienced teacher who wants to improve the quality of your students' writing? Well, this is program is also designed for you. Are you a teacher who dreads the thought of teaching the essay? Well, dread no more. The Successful Writing Curriculum is here to help all of you effectively teach writing to your high school students.

    How would you like to be able to:

  • Teach writing in a way that far more students "get it?"
  • Answer half the number of questions about writing as normal?
  • Spend more time on the subject of the writing than the writing itself?
  • See more high-quality essays than you ever have in the past?
  • Develop your students' confidence on writing assignments?
  • Help students achieve higher scores on high-stakes writing exams?
  • Enable students do more writing in other subject areas?

In much the same way that you will eventually teach your students, this book will guide you through understanding what an essay is really trying to accomplish, what a thesis statement is, the different types of paragraphs, how to support examples with evidence, and the importance of the rough draft. The book contains dozens of pages of overheads, handouts, rubrics, and lessons to photocopy, all tailor-made for immediate integration into your classroom teaching.

The methods in this book, ones which have been developed and fine-tuned in my own classrooms, will allow teachers all across the curriculum to make writing a regular part of their school day, and English teachers especially to confidently teach writing in a way that students will both understand and be able to demonstrate successfully.

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The Successful Writing Curriculum
by Eric B. Olsen

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