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Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor Born Rodney Sturt Taylor in Sydney, Australia, in 1930, Taylor studied in East Sydney Art College. Inspired by a Laurence Olivier performance, he first tried his hand at amateur theatrics while working as a window dresser in a department store. A victim of the "acting bug," Taylor worked in radio and appeared in three Australian films before trekking to Hollywood to continue his motion picture career.

For his role in producer-director George Pal's The Time Machine (1960), he won a Golden Globe as the Outstanding New Male Personality of the Year, and also brought him to the attention of producer-director Alfred Hitchcock, who cast him in his production of The Birds the very next year. Taylor's other films in the sci-fi / thriller field include World Without End (1956), Step Down To Terror (1958), Nobody Runs Forever (1968), and Vortex in 1976.

In addition to his film roles, Taylor has also worked in TV and has played the lead in a number of series. His first TV series, the delighful Hong Kong (1960-61), remains his best; others since have all failed to catch on with viewers, Bearcats! (1971), The Oregon Trail (1977), and Outlaws (1986-87). In 1993 he and Alan Young appeared in a documentary about The Time Machine and recreated their characters for an epilogue to this much-loved film.

--from the collector's edition, widescreen
DVD release of The Birds, Universal.

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