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Return of Dr. X

The Return
of Doctor X

Warner Brothers

Wayne Morris - Walter Garrett
Rosemary Lane - Joan Vance
Humphrey Bogart - Marshall Quesne
Dennis Morgan - Dr. Mike Rhodes
John Litel - Dr. Francis Flegg
Lya Lys - Angela Merrova
Vincent Sherman - Director
Bryan Foy - Producer
Lee Katz - Screenwriter
Sid Hickox - Cinematographer
Perc Westmore - Makeup
Bernhard Kaun - Film Score

Bogart in Dr. X Of all the major studios who ran their own "B" picture units, Warner Brothers-First National were quick off the mark with The Return of the Terror (1934), a remake of that very first horror talkie. They used the same gimmick for The Return of Dr. X (1939), but Humphrey Bogart could hardly be considered a dead ringer for Lionel Atwill, even with a becoming white stripe in his hair. Interesting for the time, the film was shown in sepia. Sh! The Octopus (1937) was a comedy workover of The Gorilla (1930)--which had been a comedy to start with--but the British censor failed to see anything funny in The Mysterious Doctor (1943), and gave it an "H" rating for its headless ghost. Perhaps the final disclosure that it was actually a Nazi, trying to stop our brave Cornish villagers from working a tin mine, proved too much to bear.

--DENIS GIFFORD, from A Pictorial History
of Horror Movies
, 1973

A brisk B movie, this is not so much a sequel to Doctor X (1932) as an imitation of The Walking Dead (1936) with Bogart replacing Boris Karloff as the executed man brought back to zombie life, this time with vampiric lusts added. Directed with some style by Sherman (his first film), but saddled with the usual lame script and stock supporting characters, the film's best moment is the first appearance of Bogart (whose performance here, his only horror movie, is wonderfully baleful), chalk-faced, in pince-nez, with a white steak through his hair, clutching a white rabbit. Litel, as the doctor who brings Bogart back to life, is made up to resemble Count Zaroff / Leslie Banks in The Most Dangerous Game (1932).

--PHIL HARDY, ed. from The Encyclopedia of
Horror Films
, 1986

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