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The Death of Education
by Eric B. Olsen
Death of Education
When I went into teaching over a decade ago my personal commitment was to do everything within my power to make sure my students had the most rigorous and beneficial educational experience possible. Unfortunately, I succeeded. In creating a new paradigm in the classroom, one that values analytical thought and an emphasis on true learning rather than rote memorization, I came in direct conflict with a public education system that doesn't want teachers to teach and doesn't want students to learn. But it's not politicians and policy that are to blame. The real reason for the lack of teaching in today's classrooms is as close as your neighborhood school:

  • Parents, who know the system isn't working but are willing to look the other way as long as their students are getting good grades.

  • Administrators, failed teachers themselves, who are prevented by teacher's unions from any meaningful assessment of the teachers they purport to oversee.

  • Teachers, conforming like sheep to decades of failed methodology without even realizing it is their own ineptitude that has caused the very lack of student intelligence and engagement they bemoan.

The failure of education in our country is no secret, but a successful campaign of misdirection waged by educators themselves continues to keep us from understanding why. The Death of Education finally exposes the truth, shining a light inside public school classrooms that have been dark for far too long.

          About the Author

Eric B. Olsen has a diverse academic background, including an Associate of Arts degree in math/science from South Puget Sound Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Washington. He earned his teacher certification from Saint Martin's College and received the Education Dean's Award of Excellence. He also holds a Master of Arts in English from National University, graduating with distinction. Since 1999 he has been teaching in various school districts in Washington State.

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The Death of Education
by Eric B. Olsen

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