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Abominable Snowman

The Abominable Snowman


Forrest Tucker - Dr. Tom Friend
Peter Cushing - Dr. John Rollason
Maureen Connell - Helen Rollason
Richard Wattis - Peter Fox
Robert Brown - Ed Shelley
Val Guest - Director
Aubrey Baring - Producer
Nigel Kneale - Screenwriter
Arthur Grant - Cinematographer
Humphrey Searle - Film Score

Cushing & Tucker Based on Nigel Kneale's teleplay The Creature, this is the last Abominable Snowman movie of the fifties (the others were The Snow Creature, 1954 and Man Beast, 1956). Kneale had written the succcessful Quartermass series and Hammer were anxious to repeat the earlier success but this effort lacked subtlety, despite the fact they hired Quartermass director, Val Guest, to bolster the project.

Peter Cushing plays Dr. John Rollason, a botanist leading an expedition to the Himalayas, joins a team led by gun-runner Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker), who is searching for the Yeti. Misfortune dogs the expedition as it travels deeper into the Himalayas, but trapper Ed Shelley (Robert Brown) succeeds in killing one of the giant animals. As the party's numbers rapidly dwindle, the ruthless Friend decides to use Shelley as bait in an effort to trap a live Yeti.

Cushing is at odds with Tucker when he discovers he only has exploitation in mind. But the hunters soon become the hunted as a series of disturbing events lead Cushing to suspect that they are dealing with creatures of awesome intelligence. En route back to England a number of disasters occur, Tucker is killed in an avalanche and Cushing confronts the Yeti who, knowing him to be a "goodie," disappear into the night, leaving him unharmed. Kneale's teleplay was far stronger than this rather weak, but well photographed, offering.

--PHIL HARDY, ed. from The Encyclopedia of
Science Fiction Films
, 1984

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