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Eric B. Olsen

Author of the
Steve Raymond, D.D.S.
Dental Mysteries


Northwest mystery author Eric B. Olsen is the creator of the dental mystery series featuring Steve Raymond, D.D.S. He is currently at work on a new series character, Seattle private eye and jazz guitarist Ray Neslowe. Olsen's most recent publication is the Steve Raymond short story "Lying Through Your Teeth" for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

Seattle private eye Ray Neslowe is on the run. The only problem is he doesn't know who's after him. From the seedy back- streets of the inner city to the rich, dot-com suburbs of the Emerald City, Neslowe is in a dangerous race to save his own life, staying one step ahead of the police and his pursuers to catch a real killer.

Chapter One of The Seattle Changes

Proximal To Murder

Purchase Proximal To MurderSteve Raymond never wanted to be a cop. He never wanted to be a private eye. He was, in fact, a member of the nice, quiet profession of dentistry. So the one thing Steve Raymond, D.D.S., never figured on was having to solve a murder. Then one night, in a local Seattle tavern, Steve finds himself the only doctor in the house when a local musician collapses onstage and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the musician's death gradually pull the reluctant dentist into conducting his own investigation. But no one else believes it's murder: not his wife, the lawyer, or his best friend, the cop. Steve is on his own this time as he tracks down the most unexpected killer of all.

Read Chapter One of Proximal To Murder.

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Death In The Dentist's Chair

Purchase Death In The Dentist's ChairCrime-solving dentist Steve Raymond is back in a new mystery. When a colleague brings disturbing news of a patient who has died in her chair, she calls on the Seattle dentist for help. Little does Dr. Raymond realize that his offer to treat the surviving family members will draw him into another murder investigation. At the same time Steve is playing music with the best band he's ever been in, but the choice between music and dentistry is only one of many he'll have to make. Suspects abound and time is running out as death sits in a most unlikely place.

Read Chapter One of Death In The Dentist's Chair.

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Brush With Death

Brush With DeathIn the third entry of the dental mystery series Steve Raymond, D.D.S., is faced with his toughest case yet, because this time it's personal. A madman is after Steve's family and no one knows why. With Lieutenant Lasky of the Seattle Police Department at his side, Dr. Raymond is in a race against time to figure out who the madman is and what he wants. But the investigation into his past for clues uncovers some unexpected results: things he never knew about Janet, his wife. And in this painful and deadly process, Steve learns some unexpected things about himself in his Brush With Death.

Read Chapter One of Brush With Death.

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